ZoneSmart 2015 Workbook Contents

The files here will allow you to create the workbook that was provided to participants at the 2015 ZoneSmart event which highlighted the varying and dynamic process of creating management zones.

We wish to thank our speakers, sponsors, staff, volunteers and Woodrill Farms for all their contribution to a very successful launch of this new event.

Please note that some of these files are very large as they contain colour posters of the various maps that were generated to be used in explaining how management zones can be created.


File Size


1. Title Page, Table of Contents, Days Agenda, Site Map, Making Management Zones Figure & Sponsors
3.0 mb
 2. Management Zone Making Process Flow Chart
0.5 mb
3. GFO Grain Producer Magazine Precision Ag Theme Series – Understanding Precision Agriculture
2.7 mb
4. Station 1 Yield
5.9 mb
Mike Duncan, Niagara College
Dan Breckon, Woodrill Farms
5. Station 2 Elevation
2.8 mb
Stewart Sweeney, OMAFRA
Ryan Marshall, Halton
6. Station 3 Soils
9.0 mb
Doug Aspinall, OMAFRA
Brett Schuyler, Simcoe
7. Station 4 Remote and Proximal Sensing
8.5 mb
Nicole Rabe, OMAFRA
Slava Adamchuk, McGill University
Paul Raymer, Practical Precision
8. Putting it all Together – Management Zone Creation
3.8 mb
Doug Aspinall, OMAFRA
9. Best Practices in Data Management
0.2 mb
Karon Cowan, AgTech GIS
Mike Wilson, Thompsons
Jason Van Maanen, Veritas
Greg Kitching, Premier Equipment Ltd.
10. Station 5 Management Zone Tour
2.0 mb
Doug Aspinall, OMAFRA
Nicole Rabe, OMAFRA
Dan Breckon, Woodrill Farms
Stewart Sweeney, OMAFRA
Greg Hannam, Woodrill Farms

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