Youth Program

Our Youth Program is geared toward 8 – 16 year olds, and includes engaging speakers, hands-on activities and great food!

Join us for a day of educational fun at the University of Guelph! We have an action packed day planned with campus tours, hands on activities and interactive workshops.

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FarmSmart 2018 Children’s Program

Led by alumni and current students, children will have the opportunity to get a feel for the University as we travel to different buildings across campus, as they attend interactive workshop sessions. Are you an adventure seeker? Interested in a career in agriculture or environmental science? This day is for you!

This permission form must be printed off, filled out and brought to the conference.

9:00-10:00 Chemistry Lab
Chemistry is fun at University of Guelph! Hear what Elizabeth Brown has to say about her experience as an Undergraduate student and then start the day off with some ooey-gooey experiments!

10:00-11:00 Biobus Insect Adventures
Insects and invertebrates make up over 90% of animals in the world! This session will help you learn and identify the different kinds of insects, where you can find them, and even how to catch them. Kate Perez and her friends will also be talking about a cool new way to identify all sorts of species – using DNA!

11:15-12:15 Hot Lunch

12:30-2:00 Soil Microbiology
Did you know that your soil is alive? Dig into dirt with Glen Munroe and find out what it is in the soil that helps plants grow. You’ll even have a chance to touch, smell and maybe even taste some of it for yourself!

2:00-3:30 Ag Innovations
Automation on the farm is made easy when John Van de Vegte is on the job! Learn how to use everyday materials to engineer devices that make agriculture easier. Systems in action for this workshop include:
1. Sandbox with virtual water drainage display
2. Infrared thermal camera
3. Turbidity sensor

3:30-4:30 Agvocating 101-Make Your Own Media
Learn what its like to share life on the farm with your peers through conversation and social media. Lauren Benoit, a University of Guelph graduate and agvocate extraordinaire will share how she gets the public excited about how their food is produced. Finish off the day by making your own material that you can show to friends and family! Please note: Participants will need a signed media consent form for this activity. If you do not wish your child to appear in the media, please let us know and we will make alternate arrangements.

4:30-4:45 Pick-up
Parents please be prompt, we cannot let your child leave unless you are present to accompany them.

Questions? Please contact:

Johanna Lindeboom (289) 925-6828
Mandy Beneff (519) 429-4091
Christine Brown (519) 533-3358

Please register here.


Reminder:  Pick-up by parents in Room 6, Rozanski Hall at 4:30 pm

This permission form must be printed off, filled out and brought to the conference.

*Please make sure youth participants are dressed appropriately for the weather as they will be walking outside from one session to the next!