Youth Program

Our Youth Program is geared toward 8 – 16 year olds, and includes engaging speakers, hands-on activities and great food!

Tentative Program
8:30-9:00      Sign in/registration in Rosanski Hall
9:15-10:00     Weed Identification and Intro to Invasive Plants
10:00-10:45   Bees  (U of G Bee Club) **
10:45-11:45    University Activity; younger kids go to food science, older kids do a soil science experiment
12:00-1:00     Hot Lunch in PCH
1:15-3:00         OVC Tour
3:00-4:00       FarmSmart Activity

4:00-4:30 Give out prizes, wrap up etc.

*Please make sure youth particpants are dressed appropriately for the weather as they will be walking outside from one session to the next!

This permission form must be printed off, filled out and brought to the conference.

Please register here.


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