FarmSmart 2015 Presentations

The FarmSmart15 Presentations.   Some of these presentations are HUGE files, please be patient while they load!

1 Keynote – Paul Uys, Fork to Field!

3 Jake Freestone – Wheat’s Where it’s at in the UK!

4 Peter Johnson – Cereal Chaos!

5 Greg Stewart – Top Corn Tips for 2015

6 Nadiel Kowalski – The Brazilian Agricultural System

7 Robert Anwender – 2015 Marketing Outlook

8 Jeff Rasawehr – Striving for Higher Soybean Profitability

9 Ian Smith – Climate Change Implications – Is your farm ready?

10 Jeff Rasawehr – Soil Health: A Farmer’s story of results in a no-till environment

11 Jake Freestone – Overbury Farms, Past, Present, and the Future

12 William Curran – Are cover crops a practical means of suppressing weeds?

13 William Curran – The Penn State Interseeder Project for in-crop establishment of cover crops

14 Nadiel Kowalski – The Role of the co-op in Brazilian Agriculture

15 Robert Anwender – Marketing Strategies for the 2015 Crop Year

17 Noel McNaughton – This wasn’t supposed to happen! The 5 keys to managing sudden change.

18 Merrin Macrae. Chris Van Esbroeck – Keeping fertizlier on the field reduces phosphorus losses to our great lakes

19 Noel McNaughton – Dipping from the new well!

20 Greg Stewart, Moderator, Sonke Claussen, Dan Shantz – Tillage Outside of the Box

21 Matt Bowman – Cow Herd Expansion in the North

22 Don Schiefelbein – How to be Profitable Without Being a low cost Producers

23 Mike Petrik – A Practical Approach to Animal Welfare on Beef Farms

24 Allan Dales and Jack Kyle – Grazing Alfalfa – Advantages, Opportunities and Caution

25 David Ysselstein – Why a Young Person would invest in the Cattle Industry

26 Katherine Found – An Ounce of Prevention

28 Mike Dougherty – Transforming Organic “Waste” into Nutrient-Rich Fertilizer – the Lystek Story

29 Tracey Baute, Gilles Quesnel – Integrated Pest Management for Field Crops

30 John Molenhuis –  Make Your Small Farm Pay

31 John Molenhuis – Managing Machinery Costs at $4 Corn

33 Nick Betts, Jake DeBruyn – Alternatives to 7-cent Wheat Straw Bedding?

34 Bruce Kelly, Sam Bradshaw, Jake Kraayenbrink –  New Manure Application Technologies

34 Bruce Kelly, Sam Bradshaw, Jake Kraayenbrink – Part 2 –  New Manure Application Technologies

35 Tanya Wilson, Tom Wright –  Ontario Trends in Dairy Robots and TMR Fine-Tuning

36 Avery Richer – What’s Holding Ontario Shepherds Back?

38 Ron Lackey, Peter Johson – Crops and Feedstuffs Outlook

42 Dale Cowan – The Crop View from 4000 Feet – Looking for Insight

43 Jake Freestone – Wheat’s Where It’s At in the UK!

45 Ken Nixon – Practical Farm Sustainability through Innovation

46 Liz Lambrick – If you want something done – ask a busy woman!

48 Julia Whalen – So I Opened a Country Hardware Store

50 Paul Uys, Terry Daynard – Who Defines Sustainability?

51 Jonathon Creaghan – Succeeding with Different Types of People on your Team

52 Dale Cowan, Don Nott, David Smith – Ag Biomass – Capitalizing on New Cropping Opportunities

53 Jonathon Creaghan – Working Smarter in our “Crazy Get’re Done Now World”