Expo 2015

Thursday, July 16th – Elora Research Station, University of Guelph, 6182 2nd Line, Ariss, ON

flyerfrontFarmSmart Expo all  participants are split into small groups, which rotate around the various stations.  Conversation and questions are encouraged.  If you want to know something, ask!


FarmSmart Expo PDF Flyer 

8:30  Registration opens

9:10  Introductions

9:30  Start of first session

2:30  UG Research Speed Dating on Soils and Crops current research initiatives

4:00 Have a safe trip home

For FSExpo15, the stations include:

flyerfinalNarrowing the Yield Gap of 30” Soybean Rows. Horst Bohner OMAFRA and Hugh Earl, UG (CM 0.5)

Wide rows are becoming more popular and have a number of advantages such as reduced white mould pressure and lower seeding costs.  Do inputs such as banded fertilizers, foliar fungicides, and foliar fertilizers work to regain the yield loss associated with wide rows compared to narrow rows.  This stop will also address how light interception impacts yield.

Learn Lots from a Soil Pit. Doug Aspinall and Stewart Sweeney, OMAFRA (SWM 0.5)

Explore the genesis (parent material, horizonation) from a soil pit, differences in soil structure in the plow layer resulting from the management applied – compacted road way, no-till corn, 5 years of alfalfa hay, long term sod, bush lot A horizon from nearby woodlot, rooting structure of the corn in the various scenarios

Feeling the Pressure. Jason Deveau OMAFRA (IPM 0.5)

How nozzle pressure affects spray quality and coverage. Jason will be demonstrating the negative impacts of using spray nozzles outside their ideal pressure range… and it happens all the time. What does it mean for your operation?

Xtend Weed Control System . Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA and Adam Pfeffer, Monsanto (IPM 0.5)

Mike and Adam will provide an overview of where this new weed control system has the most value and demonstrate management practices that optimize its performance.

Achieving the ‘4Rs’ for Integrated N Management in Corn.  Are We There Yet?  Ben Rosser and Dave Hooker , UG (NM 0.5)

During the last few years, relatively new application technologies have been developed along with a better understanding of N dynamics in cropping systems and modern corn hybrids.  This stop will demonstrate the benefits and risks associated with various N management strategies in corn using the ‘4R’ approach, with a focus on application technologies as one of the ‘Rs’ (Right Place).

Cereals as Part of Complex Rotations  Key to Better Soils! Bill Deen, UG and Peter Johnson, Agronomist  Real Agriculture (SWM 0.5)

Improving soil health is the hottest topic this spring at the same time as farmers have been reducing wheat acres. Can cover crops in corn and soybean do the job? Highly unlikely! Winter wheat and spring cereals offer so many more opportunities.  Ways to increase the impact of cereals on soil health will be explored.

Speed Dating Session with UG Soils and Crops Faculty and Technicians (CM 1.0):

  • Use of UAV’s in Nitrogen Management and Moisture Relations in Rotation Studies. Bill Deen and Jacob Nederend, UG.
  • Impact of Rotations on Soil Biology and thus Soil Health and Implications for Crop Management. Kari Dunfield, UG and Jake Munroe, OMAFRA
  • Strategies and Direction for Wheat Breeding at UG, Ali Navabi, UG.
  • Edible Bean Breeding Research Highlights Including Increasing Folate Levels, Non Darkening Pinto and Cranberry Beans, Anthracnose and Bacterial Blight Resistance. Peter Pauls and Tom Smith, UG.
  • More to come!

Approved CEUs:
Nutrient Management: 0.5
Soil & Water Management: 1
Integrated Pest Management: 1
Crop Management: 0.5
Professional Development: 0
Manure Management: 0


OSCIA members – $75

Non-members – $110 (includes 1 year membership)

Students – $40

WALK IN RATE – $110 (no membership benefit)

Discounted Rate deadline: Monday, July 13th, 2015.


Participant Registration

Media Registration

or call 1-877-424-1300

Please note that you must pay online when you register online.



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