Expo 2018 – July 12, 2018

FarmSmart Expo Program – July 12th – Elora Research Station FarmSmart EXpo 2018

Mark your calendars now for FarmSmart Expo, Thursday July 12, 2018 at the Elora Research Station, 6182 2nd Line East, Ariss!

Decimal degrees: 43.641846, -80.403844

For FarmSmart Expo, all participants are split into small groups, which rotate around the various stations. Conversation and questions are encouraged. If you want to know something, ask!


OSCIA Members:  $90

Non-Members – $125 (includes of 1 year membership)

Students:  $45

On-line registration or call AICC to register at 1-877-424-1300

8:30     Registration opens
9:10     Introductions
9:30     Start of first session
12:00   Lunch by Alma Ladies
4:00     Have a safe trip home


Diagnosing Soil Problems with Adam Hayes, OMAFRA & Anne Verhallen, OMAFRA

New ICubed Water Jet Planter Demonstration with James Dyck, OMAFRA & Ben Rosser, OMAFRA

Update on Sulphur in Agriculture with John Lauzon, U of G & Jake Munroe, OMAFRA

Innovative ideas for growing Dry Beans with Peter Pauls, U of G & Meghan Moran, OMAFRA

Using Drag Hose Manure Application in Living Crops with Chris Brown, OMAFRA

Home-Brewed Gadgets to solve problems on the farm with John Van de Vegte, OMAFRA and Geoff Strang, Strang Farms, Exeter

Weed Control Strategies! With Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA and Clarence Swanton, U of G

Soil Compaction Primer! Did we do the right things this spring? With Peter Johnson, Jeramel Farms and Alex Barrie, OMAFRA

Session details to follow.