Expo 2016

Thursday, July 14th – Elora Research Station, University of Guelph, 6182 2nd Line, Ariss, ON

At FarmSmart Expo all  participants are split into small groups, which rotate around the various stations.  Conversation and questions are encouraged.  If you want to know something, ask!

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9:10  Introductions

9:30  Start of first session


Weed Research Up-date – Clarence Swanton, Francois Tardif, Meghan Moran

Weed control in field crops continues to be challenged by the evolution of herbicide resistant weed species. In this session, we will discuss the potential for new weed control technologies such as dicamba and 2,4-D tolerant crops, and the importance of optimizing diversity within a cropping system as an important tool to manage herbicide resistant weed species.

How To Spray New Dicamba Chemistries – Jason Deveau and Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA

New dicamba chemistries prescribe larger droplets and higher volumes – explore their impact on efficacy and drift as we push the label to the limit.

Managing Wheat Diseases in Your Field. – Ali Navabi, UG and Joanna Follings, OMAFRA

Find out how to select for the right genetic resistance and integrated pest management strategies to help you manage those pesky diseases like Fusarium Head Blight and Stripe Rust in your wheat crop.

Forages: Past, Present & Bright Future – Donna Hancock, UG, Thomas Ferguson, OMAFRA, Fritz Trauttsmansdorff, Ontario Hay Coop,

This session will explore history of forage research at Guelph, where its going and what the opportunities are for hay production locally and globally.

Soil, Water and Management Decisions – Anne Verhallen and Adam Hayes, OMAFRA

Digging deeper – the influence of land management on productivity, soil health and water quality.

Learnings From The Pits! – Christine Brown, Adam Gillespie and Ted Taylor, OMAFRA

Explore a series of soil pits to really see how your fields vary, why it matters, and what to do about it. See how soil chemistry, biology and physics come together to influence crop production.

Nitrogen stabilizers: do they provide application timing flexibility? – John Lauzon, UG and Jake Munroe, OMAFRA

How do nitrogen stabilizers work? When might you consider using a stabilizer? At this stop, learn how application timing and an N stabilizer affect manure N availability and crop response.

Exploring Nitrogen Optimization in Corn – Bill Deen, UG and Ben Rosser, OMAFRA

Explore a long term fertility trial that has managed nitrogen through several years of continuous corn.

Tour of Dairy Facilities (optional)


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