CerealSmart 2020

Friday, January 17, 2020

RIM Park
Manulife Financial Sportsplex
2001 University Avenue East Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Anchor Speaker: Phil Needham, Needham Ag Technologies, Kentucky, US

Phil Needham is a native of the United Kingdom and grew up on the family farming operation. He studied agriculture and soil science at agricultural college and university in England. He moved to the United States in 1989 to help expand a European crop management system called Opti-Crop and became manager in 1995. Phil started his own company Needham Ag Technologies in 2005 and consults directly with farmers, dealers and equipment manufacturers.

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8:50 IntroductionMC – Joanna Follings, OMAFRA Cereal Specialist

Advancing Winter Wheat Agronomy:
Creating the Potential
Creating the potential starts with seeding. Tillage vs no-tillage, drill setup, seeding depths, seeding rates, seeding dates and stand counts. A look at where to start. Phil Needham, Needham Ag Technologies, KY

Advancing Winter Wheat Agronomy:
Protecting the Potential
Tiller management, nitrogen, sulphur, fungicides, PGR’s and more! Secrets to keeping that yield potential right through to harvest.
Phil Needham, Needham Ag Technologies, KY

Maximizing return on investment – weed control in cereals

Cereals provide an opportunity to manage several challenging weeds, a benefit that can be observed throughout a cropping rotation. Mike will share stories that demonstrate where weed management has the most value in cereals, when this critical management window occurs and whether it make more sense to get the job done in winter wheat during the fall or early spring. Mike Cowbrough, Weed Specialist, OMAFRA


Seed Synergy

A broad industry collaboration to create the seed industry of the future to position producers, innovators, and ultimately the entire agricultural value chain in a position to succeed in a highly competitive and innovation-based global marketplace.  What does it mean for you? Ellen Sparry, C&M Seeds, ON

MC – Ian McDonald, OMAFRA, Crop Innovation Specialist
1:00Advancing Winter Wheat Agronomy:
Equipment Technology
The latest equipment for high wheat yields. Residue management, drill selection, tramlines, sprayer selection and more.

Phil Needham, Needham Ag Technologies, KY

Spring Cereal Management Strategies for ProfitThe system that will optimize spring cereals for profit and sustainability.

Dec Campbell, Agronomy Advantage, ON

Building a Crop Canopy for Maximum Yield Potential Insights from Michigan and how planter technology can help you build a crop canopy that will maximize yield potential. 
Dennis Pennington, MSU
Moderator Grower Panel and Question Period – Peter Johnson, Agronomist, Real Agriculture
3:45Ontario Grower Panel Practical experiences that have made cereals a key component of the grain production enterprise on these operations. Jenn Doelman (east) & TBC
All Speakers for a conflab of questions raised over the day.
5:00Safe Travels Home (see you tomorrow at FarmSmart)
Map of RIM Park, Waterloo

Registration will be open on December 1st, 2019.