CCA Credits

Certified Crop Advisor Program

FarmSmart allows for Certified Crop Advisors (CCA) to continue upgrading their knowledge base by offering Continuing Education Unit Credits (CEU) at various sessions throughout the conference period.


CEU credits have been applied for some program sessions and will be listed closer to the time of the events.

For those not familiar with the Certified Crop Advisors program. CCA’s are knowledgeable in field and crop management, experts in the identification of problem weeds, diseases and pests, and are honest as they all abide by a strict code of ethics.

The CCA program is coordinated by the American Society of Agronomy and administered at the local level by state, provincial, or regional boards. These boards are staffed by volunteers with agricultural and natural resource backgrounds representing universities, agribusiness, and government agencies.

Any public, commercial or independent adviser who councils farmers and can meet the rigorous standards of the program, is encouraged to participate. To become a Certified Crop Adviser, a person must:

  • have up to four years crop advising experience depending on educational background (university degree and two years’ experience, college diploma plus three years’ experience, high school and four years’ experience)
  • document their education and crop advising experience with supporting references and transcripts
  • pass a comprehensive national exam and a provincial exam that evaluate four competency areas: soil fertility, integrated pest management, crop production, and soil and water management
  • sign and agree to uphold the CCA Code of Ethics.

Once certified, the registrant must complete 40 hours of quality continuing education every two years.

This program is designed to recognize a level of expertise or achievement attained by the crop consultant versus training someone to be a crop consultant.

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