2020 FarmSmart Presentations

1. Planter Setups for Maximizing Corn Yields – Phil Needham, Needham Ag. Technologies, Kentucky, US

2. Corn Lessons Learned from 2019 – Ben Rosser OMAFRA and Greg Stewart Maizex

3. Farming for Improved Water Quality in a Large Scale – Trey Hill, Harbourview Farms, ML

4. Chasing High Production Soybeans in Michigan – Don Stall, Charlotte, MI – Replacement Scott Cressman and Greg Stopps, Pioneer

5. Optimized Crop Farming in Switzerland, Beyond the Slopes! – Hanspeter Lauper, Switzerland

6. 2020 Market Outlook – Steve Duff, OMAFRA

7. Soil Compaction: Learnings from 2019! – Alex Barrie OMAFRA and Nicolas Dubuc, Souzy Inc., QC

8. Keeping Phosphorus on Your Farm and Out of the Water – Dr. Merrin Macrae, U of Waterloo & Jim McComb, Farmers Edge Agri-Coaching

9. Grain Marketing – Harnessing the Beast – Heather Moffatt Thompson Ltd.

10. A Year in Review: Lessons from the Turmoil of 2019 – Matt Rundle, Harriston Agromart; Sharon Vogels, Thompson Ltd.

11. How to Hit the Restart Button on Your Alfalfa Crop – Ashley Knapton, Pioneer
Christine O’Reilly, OMAFRA

12. Harvesting Energy Resources to Grow Ontario’s Energy Supply – Ryan Clemmer, UG

13. Staying on Top of Weed Problems – Melody Robinson, Clarks Agriservice; Meagan Griffiths, FS Partners; Mike Cowbrough, Moderator

14.Taking Strides Towards Success with Barley and Oats in Ontario – Quentin Martin, Julia Thompson, Cribit Seeds

15. Mental Health: What are Responsibilities as a Farm & Agribusiness Owner?
Jennifer Goertzen, Ward & Uptigrove

16. The Banker is the Farmer – Daniel Chiappetta, TD Canada Trust

17. Greenhouse Production for the Direct Farm Marketer – Sue and Don Hilborn, Red Barn Berries, Woodstock

18. Silvopasture: Integrating trees and Grazing Livestock – Brett Chedzoy, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Schuyler County

19. High-Tech Manure Application – Bruce Kelly, Farm and Food Care; Christine Brown , OMAFRA

20. Non Family Succession – Steve Dolson, Karen Galbraith, Sally McMullen & Geoff McMullen – Legacy Holsteins

21. AGRITECHNICA: Ag Innovations Unveiled! 2019 Attendee Panel – Moderator: Sonke Claussen, Brucefield; Cliff Horst, New Hamburg; Jake Kraayenbrink, Moorefield; Nicolas Dubuc, Souzy Inc., QC

22. Do Cover Crops Pay? – Richard Vyn, UG & Mark Richards, Richards Rolling Acres Ltd

23. Soil health testing in Ontario: what have we learned? – Laura Van Eerd, UG and Anne Verhallen, OMAFRA

24. Turning Data into $ – Travis Jansen, Consultant, Farm & Agri-Food ; Erich Weber, OMAFRA

25. Help Wanted – Finding and Keeping Employees – Jennifer Wright, CAHRC

26. Hot Topics in Tax for Farm Business Owners – Jesse Moore, Annette Muir,
BDO Canada LLP

27. Precision Agr: How Precise is Precise Enough? – Alfons Weersink, UG

28. Seeking Sustainable Crop Production Using Strip Till and Bio Strips In Corn
Allan Willets and Lawrence Hogan, North Huron Farmers

29. Precision Agronomy Foundations…Where to Start and How to Engage – Tony Balkwill, Nithfield Agronomy and Dan Breckon, Grand River Planters

30. Soil testing: Making Sense of the Numbers – Deb Campbell, Agronomy Advantage, Luke Hartung, North Wellington Co-op; Moderator: Jake Munroe, OMAFRA

31. Drainage Dilemmas and Decisions – Peter Johnson, Realagriculture; Brent Weigel, Weigel Drainage

Beef Symposium – Winter Feeding Strategies to Reduce Feed Costs – Dr. Katie Wood, University of Guelph

Beef Symposium – Unique Grazing Perspectives – Graeme Finn, Southern Cross Livestock

Beef Symposium – Sustainable Beef Panel – The Retailers’ Perspective – Gurneesh Bhandal, Cargill; Jennifer Lambert, Loblaws, Monica Hadarits, CRSB

Beef Symposium – Dr. Bonnie Mallard, University of Guelph – Breeding Livestock for Resilience.

Beef Symposium – Enhancing Feedlot Health: From Pre-Wean to Finish
Dr. Greg Dimmers – Metzger Vet Services

Beef Symposium – Beef Industry Issues – Stina Nagel. CCA