2019 FarmSmart Presentations

Good News – We’re Going to New Some New Tools – John Phipps, Columnist, Farm Journal

A World with Livestock – Dr. Robin White, Virginia Tech

  1. Crop Management: From Rear View Mirror to Warp Drive – Peter Johnson, Real Agriculture, Greg Stewart, Maizex
  2. What Are the Odds? A Guide to Better Worrying – John Phipps, Chisman, ILL
  3. Precision Ag: Our View – John Sulik and Adam Gillespie, UG
  4. Advanced Cover Crop Management – Steve Groff, Cover Crop Coaching, Holtwood, PA
  5. Slugs and IPM – Healthier Soil Decreases Troubles from Menacing Mollucs – John Tooker, Penn State U
  6. A Crop Advisor’s Perspective on Management for Soil Health and Resilience – Lee Briese, Independent Crop Consultant, ND
  7. Strip Tilling Corn: What Me? Two Producers Perspectives – Mike Cornelissen, Watford; Ken Nixon, Ilderton; Moderator – Ben Rosser, OMAFRA
  8. 2019-2020 Grain Market Outlook and Strategies for Success – Steve Kell, P & H
  9. Sulphur Management in Field Crops – John Lauzon, UG; Dale Cowan, Agris Croop Ltd
  10. An Update on Beef Research in Ontario – Dr. Katie Wood, Dr. Jessica Gordon, UG
  11. The Economics and Environmental Benefits of Intensive Grazing Beef Cattle – Chris Knight, Highgate, ON
  12. Making the Most of Precision Technology Throughout the Beef Value Chain – Dr. Robin White, Virginia Tech
  13. A Modern Twist on Traditional Farm Succession – James McKinlay, Ravenna, ON
  14. Tips on Storing and Feeding Silages – Dr. Matt Walpole, Dairy & Feedlot Nutritionist
  15. Resist the Resistance – Dr. Dan Shock, ACER Consulting
  16. Bee Aware: Supporting Native Pollinators on Your FarmAngela Gradish, UG; Louise Heyming, GRCA
  17. What’s Working on the Farm? Practical Solutions for Problem Weeds – Moderator – Mike Cowbrough; Steph Kowalski, Agromart; Ann Vermeersch, Tillvalley Farms
  18. Spring and Winter Canola Fertility Facts – Meghan Moran, OMAFRA; John Lauzon, UG
  19. Your Soil is Talking – Anne Verhallen, Adam Hayes, OMAFRA
  20. New Tech on the Way to Support Your Crop Management – Paul Raymer, Soil Optix Inc.; Sougata Pahari, Korechi Innovations Inc,; Andrew Nickel, Niagara College
  21. Better than a Bot: Attracting and Keeping! Good Employees – Maureen Geddes, Geddes Global Inc.
  22. Assessing Labour Saving Technology – John Van de Vegte & John Molenhuis, OMAFRA
  23. Farming for Profit with Trees and Livestock – Carrie Wooley & Brett Schuyler, Schuyler Farms
  24. Nuts and Bolts of On-Farm Value-Added – Jason Persall, Persall Farms Ltd.
  25. Find a Healthy Work-Life Balance – KW Professional Organizers (YouTube video)
  26. How to Declutter and Organize any Space Workshop – Kw Professional Organizers (YouTube video)
  27. Choices and Where They Lead – Teresa Ann DeWetering, President, DeWetering Hill Farms, Stratford, ON
  28. Real Life Story of Succession – Arlen Taylor, RJ Taylor, Cedar Crest Trout Farm, Hanover, ON
  29. How Do I Know I am Stressed? – Lawrence Blake, Mental Health Work
  30. Surviving and Thriving During Conflict – Neil Dunsmore, Fergus, ON
  31. Farmland Values in Ontario: What’s Driving Them – Richard Vyn, Ridgetown College
  32. International Trade: Where are We at Right Now – Brian Innes, President, Canadian AgriFood Trade Alliance
  33. To Custom or Not to Custom? Considerations in Hiring Custom Contractors on the Farm – Mark Luymes, Moorefield,
    Fiete Suhr, Port Elgin, Al Hoftyzer
  34. Strategic Thinking – Cedric MacLeod, NB
  35. Catching Up on the Farm Tax Changes Most Affecting Agriculture – Tim Bridge, Ward and Uptigrove CPA, Listowel
  36. Drainage Pays, Compaction Costs – Kevin McKague, Alex Barrie, OMAFRA
  37. What’s HOT in Grain Drying! – James Dyck, OMAFRA
  38. Ear Mould and DON 2019 and Beyond! – Albert Tenuta, OMAFRA, Dave Hooker, UG
  39. Optimizing Nitrogen Rates in Corn – Joshua Nasielski, Bill Deen, UG
  40. Tires/Tracks Truths and Tales – Get Your Questions Answered! – Greg Stewart, Moderator, Shawn Shill, Cliff Horst & Boris Horodunsky, Eric Brubacher
  41. Young Farmers Forum – Cedric MacLeod, NB
  42. Riding the Technology Cycle – Peter Gredig, co-founder Agnition, PNG Farms
  43. Rules of the Road Workshop – Dean Anderson, CASA, Ian McDonald, OMAFRA