2018 FarmSmart Presentations

The 2018 Presentations are available.

Feature Speakers

  1. Melodie Chan – Agriculture from a City Girl’s Perspective


  1. Marc Hasenick – Going Against the Grain, Turning direct back to Soil in Michigan
  2. Dr, Adam P. Gaspar – Where soybean physiology and management meet.
  3. Tim Meulensteen, Dave Arand, John Winger – Weigh in on Wheat
  4. Kristjan Hebert – The 5% Rule – Top 25 Attributes of a Successful Producer
  5. Liz Lee – Ghosts of Corn Fields Past, Present and Future
  6. Warren Schneckenburger – Producer Success with Banded Fertilizer
  7. Henry Denotter – Producer Success with Banded Fertilizer
  8. Ben Rosser – How do you Evaluate Precision Ag Strategies On-Farm – Lessons learned from the GFO Precision Ag Project
  9. Mike Cowbrough, Clarence Swanton – Persistent Weed Management – Expel, Exploit or Execrate?
  10. Tracey Baute – The Battle Against Western Bean Cutworm (WBC) Continues
  11. Mike Cowborough, Mike Belan, Adam Ireland, Gerard Grubb – Cashing in on Cover Crops: A Farmers Panel

Business and Marketing

  1. Steve Duff – 2018 Market Outlook
  2. Ed Usset – Five Common Mistakes in Grain Marketing
  3. John Molenhuis – Is Corn $Greener on the Other Side of the Fence (Border)
  4. Jessica Kelly, Jason Persall, Jen Howell, Pat McArthur – Direct Marketing Strategies
  5. Alan Ker – International Trade: Where are we Right Now?
  6. Claire Citeau – International Trade: Where are we Right Now?
  7. Franklin Famme – Death & Taxes – It’s Never Too Early to Plan
  8. Franklin Famme – Farm Tax Update – Are you Ready for the New Changes?
  9. Jim Tyler – Retirement Killer Mistakes
  10. Bill & Will Chesney – How to Successfully Work with the Farming Family
  11. Ed Usset – Developing a Pre-Harvest Marketing Plan
  12. Ed Usset – Developing a Post-Harvest Marketing Plan

Beef Symposium

  1. Melodie Chan – Preparing the Foundations for a Strong Immune System Handout
  2. Drs Katie Wood, Ben Bohrer, Jessica Gordon, Angela Canavas – New Kids on the Block
  3. Adam Shea, Adam Bent – Getting Cattle onto Cover Crops
  4. Mike Buis, Theresa Buis – Managing a Family Farm Business
  5. Virgil Lowe – Sharing Common Ground


  1. Peter Johnson, Alex Barrie – Conquering Compaction
  2. Ray Weil – Managing Organic Matter: The Key to Soil Health and Productivity
  3. Cory Willness – Soil, Water and Topography (SWAT): The Maps of Variable-Rate Success
  4. Anne Verhallen, Ken Nixon, Kate Procter, Brett Israel – Approaches to Soil Health – Farmers’ Perspectives
  5. Tony Balkwill, Daniel Saurette – Soils Maps and Crop Production

Food Production

  1. John Van de Vegte – DIY Automation and Precision Farming
  2. Rebecca Shortt – Irrigation for Dummies
  3. John Lauzon, Christine Brown – Improved Forage Productivity with Sulphur and Improved Manure Use
  4. Christine O’Reilly – Weed Eating on your Farm
  5. Mitch Hunter – Does Food Production Really Need to Double by 2050


  1. Melissa McKeown – New Ventures and Diversification,
  2. Jim Eby – New Ventures and Diversification
  3. Tim May – Social Farming
  4. Briana Hagen – There is an Elephant in the Barn
  5. Angela Leach – Communicate to Motivate
  6. Herman Post – Choices in Farm Shops
  7. Innovative Research on Your Farm: How Applied Research from UofG is Making a Difference in #OntAg
  8. Sam Hardie – The Rules of the Road