Don’t miss these sessions

Feature Speaker – 1:20 – 2:30 pm:
Kristjan Hebert, Fairlight, SK    –  The 5% Rule – Baby Steps to Bigger Profits

kritjanKristjan Hebert, Managing Partner, Hebert Grain Ventures
Hoping for unicorns and settling on good enough are very real when it comes to underperforming on your farm’s bottom line.  Instead let’s focus on small improvements, balancing perfection and logistics, and aiming for excellence.  The simple math will surprise you…

2:35 pm – The 5% Rule – Top 25 Attributes of a Successful Producer
Kristjan Hebert, Fairlight, SK
Kristjan and Danny Klienfelter (Texas A &M) are working on identifying the top attributes that are the common denominators to success. Come and find out if you have what it takes and where you can improve.

Check our list of speakers for FarmerSmart and register  on-line or call the AICC 1-877-424-1300



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