FarmSmart Expo will go Rain or Shine

Don’t Miss It 

FarmSmart Expo Program – July 13th – Elora Research Station

Topics include:

  • Soil Health Interpretive Centre Initiatives and New Research Platforms (SW 0.5) – Claudia Wagner-Riddle, UG
  • A Close Look At Tillage Erosion (SW 0.5) – Anne Verhallen and Ben Rosser, OMAFRA
  • Understanding Soils and the Tools that Enhance that Understanding (SW 0.5) – Asim Biswas (UG), Daniel Saurette OMAFRA
  • Western Bean Cutworm Identification, Scouting and Management (PM 0.5) – Art Schaafsma UG
  • Exploring Organic Amendment Options for Row Crop Farming (NM 0.5) – Chris Brown and Brian Dickson, OMAFRA
  • Glyphosate resistant fleabane, cover crops and yield loss. (CM 0.5) – Clarence Swanton and Francois Tardif, UG
  • P & K Management Options for Optimizing Crop Production and Environmental Protection (NM 0.5) – Jake Munroe and Horst Bohner, OMAFRA
  • Understanding the Implications of Sprayer Tank Cleanout Shortcomings and their Impacts (CM 0.5) – Jason Deveau and Mike Cowbrough, OMAFRA

.FarmSmart Expo Registration (on-line payment required)

Media FarmSmart Expo Registration

or call 1-877-424-1300

WALK IN RATE – $115 (no membership benefit)


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