2017 FarmSmart Presentations

The 2017 Presentations are available.

Feature Speaker

1. Dr. Tim McAllister, AAFC  – Antimicrobial Use in Agriculture – Resistance from Both Society and Microbes – Plant and animal agriculture use antimicrobials to control diseases in production.


3. Mike Starkey, Brownsburg, IN – A Conservation Success Story from the Corn Belt
4. Justin Merner, Cargill – Marketing Outlook: Managing Risk in an ever changing world!
7. Ben Rosser, OMAFRA;  Peter Johnson, Real Agriculture  – Corn Production Practices for Profit
8.Hugh Earl, U of G; Horst Bohner, OMAFRA – Drought Stress and Ontario Soybean Yields: Unravelling the Mystery
9. John Fulton, The Ohio State University –Understanding How Precision Ag Works Regardless of Your Farm Size
10. Dale Cowan, Agris Co-op. Dan Buttenham, OABA – “To 4R or Not to 4R?” Is there an option?
11. Lucas Criswell, Pennsylvania – Lessons Learned About Planting into Lush Green Cover from a Veteran No-tiller
13. Jamie Larson, AAFC Lethbridge AB – Make Wheat Great Again: The Potential of Perennial Wheat
14. David Shortall, Cargill – Wheat- Delivering Unique Profit in your Rotation; An Irish Perspective
27. Steve Larocque, Three Hills AB – Building A Controlled Traffic Farming System
32. Jake DeBruyn, OMAFRA;  James Fisher, Fidale Farms – Growing and Using Switchgrass and Miscanthus
34. James Dyck OMAFRA On Farm Grain Storage: Is it Your Weakest Link?
35. James Dyck, OMAFRA; Greg Stewart, Maizex Seeds- Crop Residue Management Matters and Starts on the Combine!
40. Johanna Burrows, Cargill; Deb Campbell, Agonomy Advantage;  Melody Robinson, Clark Agri Service – 2016 Year in Review: From a Record Drought to Record Yeilds, Learnings and Plans for 2017
47. Fritz Trautsmandorff, Chris Martin, Ontario Hay Co-op – A New Way to Make Hay for Overseas Markets

Women in Agriculture

21. Nicole McKeller, GFO – Working On The World Stage
22. Joanna Follings, OMAFRA – Prioritizing Positive Relationships
23. Farming Together and Sharing the Load: Couples Panel – Sandi & Mark Brock, Staffa; Amy & Adam Petherick, Campbelford
24. Amy Cronin, Bluevale – Walking the Tightrope
25. Carly O’Brien, Intrigue Media – Farm Leadership – Feeding a Growth Mindset
26.Andria Jones-Bitton, U of G – Is there an Elephant in the Barn? The State of Mental Wellness in Canadian agriculture


Beef Symposium

15.Crystal MacKay, Farm and Food Care Canada  – Public Trust in Food and Social License – What Does it Mean for your Farm?
16. Dr. Tim McAllister, AAFC – Beef Industry of the Future
17. Kevin Unger, Lincoln County Feed Yard, Nebraska – Adding Value from Pasture to Plate – A Career in Search of Value
18. Brad Van Ravenswaay, Burgessville – Making Quality Beef from Holstein Cross Cattle
19. Dr. Phil Meadows, Mitchell Vet Clinic – Pain Management and Beef Farms – Practically Painless
20. Kevin Unger, Lincoln County Feed Yard, Nebraska – Adding Value from Pasture to Plate – Are you Ready for the Next Cattle Cycle?

Business and Marketing

36. Making Land Leases Work for You and Your Landlord – Moderated Panel Discussion
38. Nick Betts, OMAFRA – Maple Syrup Can Turn That Woodlot into $$$
45. John Molenhuis, Dave McLeod OMAFRA  – Can You Afford That New Equipment?
46. John Molenhuis and Dave McLeod, OMAFRA  – To Invest Or Not To Invest
49. Don Kabbes, Great Lakes Grain –Your Marketing Plan; This is Where the Market is! Now What?
50. Franklin Famme, Stratford – Tax Tips and Traps for Farmers

Soils and Environment

42. Chris Brown, OMAFRA; Ken Prince, Cadman Power Equipment – Nutrient Applications in the Growing Season and Beyond
48.Lori Phillips, AAFC;   Jake Munroe, OMAFRA – Soils are Alive! When Biology And Agronomy Meet
51. Making Best Use of Organic Amendments: A Farmer Panel – Steven Eastep, Elora
Jim Patton, Alliston; Steve Sickle, St. George
52. Christine Brown, OMAFRA – Organic Amendment Options: What’s your Best Fit?
53. Deb Campbell, Agronomy Advantage; Steve Redmond, Hensall District Co-op – Why use Organic Amendments? Ask an Agronomist!


54. Margaret May, OSCIA – Navigating Cost Share Applications
55. Steve Liebel, FCC – FCC Digital Tools Demonstrated; Field Manager Pro and AgExpert
56. Kaye McLagan, Premier Equipment; Dennis Jansen, John Deere – Turn Your Data into Knowledge with 3rd Party Apps


28. Amanda Brodhagen – The Phenomenon of Social Media as a Catalyst for Agriculture Awareness
29. Dean Anderson, WSPS Guelph – Emergency! Call 911 and Then What?
30.Ian McDonald, OMAFRA  – Emergency Planning for the Whole Farm: Don’t be Caught Unprepared
31.Dean Anderson WSPS Guelph – Ag Labour: Your Responsibilities for a Safer Workplace
33. Adam Hayes & Christoph Wand, OMAFRA – Climate Change and Ontario Agriculture
43. Understanding Food Fraud: The Business Advantage Of Food Integrity
Panel Discussion – Cory Van Groningen, VG Meats (Industry); Robert Hanner, U of G (Academic); Kevin Urbanic, CFIA (Government)